NLP Beyond Today

This site is an invitation to take your NLP experience and join us in developing a model as to how the core science of NLP can be used to create world change.

The present world – big challenges…

NLP - A Meta Science

NLP started not as a modelling of success but a curious exploration of Richard Bandler being intrigued by the crazy behaviour of a Gestalt therapist followed by using it to make money to pay the bills.

Richard’s curiosity developed into a science that described how people think. Not just successful thinking but all thinking. And a model that could describe how any other science is thought about.

NLP, a true Meta Science.

Human Evolution

In evolutionary terms we have only just learnt to dress ourselves.

Recorded thinking perhaps 3,000 years old. Scientific understanding 400 years old. Printed information available to the masses 300 years old.

The telephone for a few rich people 100 years old; when our parents were children!

Fifty years ago NLP became the first science that could change human behaviour from inside the brain.

World Problems

The evidence is that humans are led by incompetent politicians and leaders.

Highly competent in getting elected but incompetent in creating a healthy peaceful world.

The evidence speaks for itself.

After the last 50 years of continual talk and massive evidence of the problem how much progress has been made…

world poverty -polution – racism – women’s rights – equality – child abuse – peace between nations… 

What is KPowa?

KPowa is a browser based mobile app containing powerful real life exercises done on your phone in minutes. Plus unique personal processes for understanding yourself and achieving your goals.

Explore the exercises and in days notice the difference in yourself.

Developed from the leading and highly praised worldwide communication science of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Human Understanding

A formatted science of human understanding is only valuable if it can be used to get results and enhance the world whether when talking to a stranger or saving the planet.

KPowa is results based.

Personal Understanding

Personal understanding is the foundation of being a congruent and confident human being able to fulfill the natural potential of your life.

Many spend a lifetime searching, few attain it. KPowa is based on the successful.

Skills Understanding

Elegant, successful people have refined unconscious thinking patterns that result in highly effective communication and thinking skills.

KPowa’s practical exercises will expand the flexibility and power of your own mental processes. 

KPowa uses a secret hidden in psychology

Thirty years of NLP study by the developers of KPowa has resulted in a simple but profound idea. An idea that links the natural development of the human species and the NLP science. An idea that is remarkably simple to understand yet we haven’t found mentioned in any NLP writing.

Now KPowa shares that secret with you in a new, practical and powerful way. You can become the person you really want to be – were really meant to be – with this opportunity to develop the promised potential you and every human being is born with.

Modern thinking for a modern world.

Take Your Life Forward