NLP is a meta science – a model explaining how humans do what they do – it is about everyday life

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“If a man achieves or suffers change in premises which are deeply embedded in his mind, he will surely find that the results of that change will ramify throughout his whole universe.”
Gregory Bateson

world renown anthropologist

NLP The4thLevel

Decades of success – Neuro Linguistic Programming is the science of how people think and communicate. Out of the science came a list of techniques that have been used to great effect in business, therapy and personal coaching,

Giving parents skills – The 4th Level uses elements of the core NLP science to help parents observe patterns in their children’s thinking and then be able to influence them to achieve better thinking and behaviour,

The Autism App – 42 exercises for change

The one a day exercises are carried out while with the child. They are delivered through headphones without the child being aware or affected.

The exercises are surprisingly simple and anybody can do them. They come supported with assessments, scoring, explanation and background information.

But to get results all a parent has to do is do the exercises and record the results with a couple of clicks.

This is a whole new way to think about the autism challenge.

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